Spirit of the Streets…

Woodstock is a suburb of Cape Town with a rich and varied history more colourful than many in the Rainbow nation. None of this was reflected in the old packaging or brand experience.

We created a new brand essence that was rooted in Woodstock but not boxed into it, instead a brand positioned as belonging to all, an accessible brand for the world: “SPIRIT OF THE STREETS, DISTILLED FOR THE WORLD”

The final packaging reflects an actual address and unique story from Woodstock and the four unique gins, infused with these remarkable stories, will hopefully go on to inspire countless other stories.


“ We are born of the streets that surround us. Our attitude, our finishes, our being is all based on the streets and the layers that make up this neighborhood. If these streets could talk, they’d tell you your fortune, and make you one too. But they’d make you work hard for it.

They’d push you to battle the status-quo.

They’d tell you to remain true to the place you came from. If these walls could talk, we’d laugh, we’d cry, we’d have a fucking great time with a Woodstock gin in one hand.”

Woodstock is a place where the right work ethic, well, it can make you rich.
You willing to dig deep? Put your back into it? Break new ground?
That’s what one resourceful thief did. Diamonds being the resource at hand.
Stole a bunch of them, he did. Then buried them. Under a tree.

Trouble is, that tree was long ago removed and the road paved over.
We suspect it’s somewhere near our home, 399 Albert Road.
Because if you’re willing to dig deep, put your back into it and break new ground, you’re probably into doing it while enjoying Woodstock Gin.

For over a hundred years this has been a place of safety.
A place where nuns would offer reform. A place where promiscuity was treated as, well, lets just say it wasn’t treated too well.

A place good was poised to fight bad. Where both the enlightened and the promiscuous would gather fynbos, to turn it into something they might call “tea” but we would term something far closer to a G&T.
To take a leaf out of both of their books, can we offer you a Woodstock Gin in these trying times?

Sometimes a street is more than just tarmac, painted lines and
streetlights. Sometimes a street is everything that is poured onto it.
Sordid late nights. Illicit affairs. Hemp-based goods before they were “in”. In a sentence, a no-go for many. Some real nefarious stuff.

But those streets are Attitude. Grit. Feeling. Sometimes a street is your history. You can’t escape it, but you can use it to make more of yourself. And become its kingpin. Welcome to 142 Gympie street. Pour a little spirit on it and enjoy what it has to offer.

This place radiates Heat. A fire that burns on every street.
A fire in the belly of everyone who calls this home.
A forge that breathes life into attitudes, that fires up every desire.

It’s why you’ll find a kiln sitting in a park at the above address.
Proof of a fiery past. Proof that the hottest fires burn bright on these streets. Proof that you’re in the right place. It’s why we created a gin that stokes these flames. A ginger-infused gin that is best enjoyed while trying to burn your initials into this world.

Woodstock Gin Company / Client: Edward Snell & Co / Agency: Fountainhead Design